Managed Threat Detection & Response

Securing today for your tomorrow

Securing you should be invisible and automagically mitigate security threats. No technical mumbo-jumbo required.

We protect your endpoints, servers & cloud against advanced security threats.

Ransomware Threats
Malware Infections
Exploit Execution
Outdated Systems
Pegasus Spyware
Malware & Viruses
Unpatched Software
Bruteforce Attempts
Zeroday attacks
Suspicious Activity
Device Hardening
Cloud Threats
Container Security

Why you should go IRON

We believe every organization that does not have a large security team should make use of Managed threat Detection & Response to be optimally prepared for and respond quickly to todays cybersecurity threats.

Lack of In-House Talent

Cybersecurity analysts and Incident Responders require a specific set of skills and talents to excell at their work. With the current state of the market, this is very hard to find and hire for organisations.

Complex Threat Landscape

Todays threats, tactics and techniques are more advanced then ever. You need various technologies, detection techniques and lots of data correlation to be able to get the right picture to act.

Alert Fatigue

It is very common to either miss a lot of false negatives or get swamped with abundant security alerts. You need human triage to be able to respond quickly to only the real threats.

Scalable and Predicable Cost

Regular security solutions are very costly and can be intense to maintain. You should get a simple pricing model that's adapted to the size and need of your organization.

So how does this work?

Let's be honest, we shouldn't reinvent the wheel. We trust upon top market solutions to keep an eye on your company without any performance impact. We consume and triage thousands of security signals to respond to potential incidents. You do not need to worry anymore about malware, ransomware, persistent threats, alert fatigue or even hidden threats. We got your back.

1. Register Account

Create your IRON account, pick the appropriate account type and logon to the dashboard.

2. Connect your infrastructure

Your devices, servers or containers are connected to us via the lightweight agent or a native platform integration.

3. Sit back & Relax

We will notify you personally in case we shoot into action and will keep you up-to-date during incidents.

crowdstrike platform
crowdstrike platform

CrowdStrike® for Detection

Industry leading EDR vendor that stops breaches.


Linux, macOS, Windows & linux containers.

Market leader

Leading vendor of Endpoint Detection & Response.


No noticeable performance impact on the endpoints.

Cloud Support

Integrates with Google Cloud & Amazon Web Services.

Customer Testimonials

Intigriti logo
Intigriti logo

As the largest bug bounty platform in Europe we house a lot of very confidential data for our customers.
IRON helps us protect our company, employees and customers against tomorrows cyber threats.

Skyscrapers logo
Skyscrapers logo

Skyscrapers accelerates SaaS dev teams with managed cloud native cloud platforms and DevOps.
Thanks to IRON we can do this in a secure way as a remote team.