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We believe security should not come at a premium. Buy licenses without having to deal with list prices and shady price reductions.

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Easily pick the license combination you'd like to see on your CrowdStrike tenant on this web page. In case something is not clear, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will gladly assist.

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If you are a new CrowdStrike customer, you will receive credentials to a new tenant in the EU region. For existing customers, your licenses will be assigned to your existing tenant.

What's this about?

We are the only party that publicly discloses their CrowdStrike license pricing online, no phone calls nor meetings.

It's because we believe security shouldn't come at a premium. It's honesty.

Quote Configurator

Account Details
Endpoint Detection & Response (incl. Threat Hunting) € 50
Removable Device Management€ 5
Firewall Management€ 5
Asset Visibility€ 9
Endpoint vulnerability management€ 15
SIEM data replicator€ 4
Intelligence enrichment€ 17
Mobile Device Protection€ 30
Cloud Protection€ 80
Support fee (12%)€ 100
Total yearly cost (ex. VAT):€ 100
If you'd like multi-year deals or >1000 endpoints, please reach out for a custom deal.
Your data is not used for marketing purposes.

I'm sure you're still having loads of questions.

Let's go over the most common ones, but don't hesitate to just reach out for a talk.

Most license or SaaS resellers try to lure you into profit schemes, where they want to schedule meetings to then deliver you list prices. You are then expected to haggle down prices and gamble how much price reduction you should be able to get. This is not the case with us at all.
To operate more efficiently, CrowdStrike works 100% through their channel of resellers/partners, even though there may be some exceptions.
If you are a new CrowdStrike customer, we create a brand new tenant under our parent tenant for you. This allows us to allocate your licenses to your specific tenant. You have full administrative permissions to your tenant. If you would choose to purchase licenses elsewhere, we disconnect your tenant via a simple support request.
In this case, we will reach out to you proactively to let you know we did not yet receive the payment. In case of new licenses, the tenant will not be provisioned. If you are an existing customer, you will be given some extra time to let payments process. If after a month the payment is still not received, we can disable your access to your tenant.
The standard license includes a Threat Graph option of 90 days for detection-related data. Should you be wishing to keep data for longer, we recommend contacting us via email or the contact form. You can also use the Data Replicator to ingest the events into your SIEM/SOAR system.
If the payment has been received, we will process your order within 5 business days. If you are a new CrowdStrike customer, a new tenant will be created for you in the EU region and administrator credentials provided to you. In case you already have a tenant, a support request will be created to assign the licenses to your CID tenant identifier.

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